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Welcome to Master Hand Music!
   My name is Mark Hepperle, and I have been serving the local community as Piano Tuner/Technician since 2006. I'm a graduate of American School of Piano Tuning in Morgan Hill, CA, and have enjoyed playing piano since about 1992.

I can be reached by using the "Contact Us" button on this or any other page on the website. This will send me an email.

Quick Facts and Numbers

   For those of you who just want to cut to the chase, here are my standard rates...

Piano Tuning

   I charge $100 for a Standard Tuning. That covers a piano that has been taken reasonable care of and tuned regularly. This usually takes me about two hours to complete. If the piano has not been tuned regularly you will need to have it tuned twice (usually within a couple weeks) before it will hold a tune. The reason for that is because strings and pins can get very used to being in a certain position or spot, and tend to gravitate back as soon as I leave. In other words, pianos are like people who can get stuck in a rut and require more than one attempt to pull them out!

Piano Repair

   I charge $60 an hour for General Piano Repair. Please See the Piano Repair page for more details. I also have a $30 Minimum charge for each trip I make to you.

Piano Lessons

   I charge $35 for a half hour, plus $20 for each additional half hour. I have agreements with several studios and churches ranging from Fredericksburg to Dale City, but generally prefer to travel to your residence. Check the Piano Lessons page for more info.

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