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Piano Repair
Why do Pianos need repair?

Fair question. Another one I get a lot is: “What could possibly break?” Well let’s see… 

The average piano has 88 keys, 234 strings (more or less), and around 30 or so individual parts per key. Add that up, and you have over 7,000 moving parts. Now you will ask me: “How come they don’t break more often?!” 

Most pianos are very well built. They have to be. If you read my page on piano tuning on this website you will know that each of those strings are under 150-200 pounds of tension each. This adds up very quickly to the point where that piano’s heavy iron and wooden frame supports around 18-20 tons of stress constantly. Usually, though, repairs are made to the piano action (individual parts of each key), and not the frame or strings.

Usually it is as simple as making an adjustment, or removing foreign debris from inside the piano. It is actally quite unusual for me to have to remove the action and re-glue or replace parts. That said, I do keep a stock of those parts that are mostly likely to be needed on hand just in case. Use of these frequently need parts (felt pushings, paper punchings) is covered under the hourly rate for General Piano Repair listed below and on the Home page. 

All repairs have seven day warranty. If your repair fails within seven days you may call me and I will make it right as soon as practicable.

I charge $60 an hour for General Piano Repair. I also have a $30 Minimum charge for each trip I make to you. The one exception to this rule is if I am coming to fix a failed repair.