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The Basics

The first thing I need to say here is that I LOVE music. I also LOVE to teach. The rest of this page will help you get some idea about my knowledge, personality, and teaching style. After reading through here you will be fairly equipped to make a decision on whether or not you want a tryout lesson. 

I have agreements with several studios and Chruches ranging from Fredericksburg to Dumfries. Some of these studios set their teachers' rate at $35 for a half hour lesson, plus $20 for each additional half hour.

My Background

About the same time I started to play piano I also started to take gymnastics. One thing led to another and I am very privileged to say that I have trained with and under some of the best coaches and athletes the world has ever seen… including three different Olympic coaches. This is not only where I learned about work ethic, but also how to teach. Needless to say, this translates into a slightly different thought process than most people see at a keyboard.

As a musician, I started playing piano in fall of 1992 while going to a small private school. To be perfectly honest, I hated it. I liked making music, but was very upset with my teacher’s very narrow selection of songs, and very rigid curriculum. Of course, it didn’t help that what I really wanted to play at the time was the violin. After several years of violin however, I grew very interested in chords. Before long Mom had me taking piano again, this time from an older gentleman in his 70s. Mr. James Roberson Sr. had a masters’ degree in piano, and another in conducting. He also had a way of making his fingers move faster than my sixteen-year-old brain had ever even imagined was possible. A better instructor could not have been asked for, and this is who I really learned piano from. He’s passed on now, but is legacy lives in the form of Roberson’s Music store on Route 1 in Fredericksburg; a business founded and operated by his son.

The result of all this variety in my past is a fun and relaxed atmosphere where hard work and excellence are not only encouraged but also demonstrated. I take great pride in all aspects of my work and it tends to rub off onto my students. In the process of learning to make music using a piano, they will learn about such things as work ethic, making mistakes, and patience. They will also learn a lot about themselves… who they are, what they want, how they learn, and how to grow.

When they have their first lesson I will have several questions for them to answer. Click Here for more information about that.